Washing machine will not Spin

There are all sorts of issues associated with why your washing machine will not spin, and many unfortunately, can be are errors that could often incur a charge to fix, perhaps issues that are not covered in your warranty.

The Washing machine Filter

One of the main reasons why your washing machine will not spin, is because of a blocked filter, this is one of the most common call outs we get, also linked in with its bedfellow fault, not having the ability to drain.

Washing machine – Will Not Drain – Unable to Spin

This is the most typical reason behind any issue associated with your washing machine not spinning with a washing machine as well as a machine dryer that we get in. In truth it’s pretty much a daily call we get and have to repair, especially when the appliance appears to be out of warranty.

Broken washing machine

There are many issues that can and will cause an appliance to not spin, some faults can occur electronically, from pumps to electric control modules, and we would advise you to contact our engineer, it may be that the fault is electrical and that it may require specialist tools and parts which we carry on our vehicle, contact to us if your require any further help 07912 093070.