Oven Maintenance Tips

Check your oven’s seal

A faulty seal can result in your oven losing 20{433a428dd484e08236bb027b8b9c01d32e682b2853ed1b8d38552b21a6fa9775} of its heat, resulting in food taking longer to cook. You should regularly check the seal’s condition by opening the oven door and feeling for any broken or deformed areas. If the seal has become damaged, it will need to be replaced.

Regularly clean the oven

It’s recommended that you clean your oven’s interior three to four times a year, as spillages can cause drips and in some cases, fire. Plus, the longer you leave it, the worse the job gets!

Check the heating elements

If you’re oven isn’t heating up properly, the most likely cause is the heating elements. Regularly check the elements to see if they’re working properly – if they’re not, they’ll need to be replaced.